Challenge Your Knowledge Buds with Quiz Pursuit

QuizPursuit (Android | iOS) is a stimulating, FREE quiz/trivia app that has been designed to provide enriching entertainment. It allows users to challenge and enhance their knowledge and intellect in a fun way. With unlimited questions, topics, and subjects to choose from, the game has something for everyone, regardless of their background.

Challenge Your Knowledge Buds

You can choose from thousands of topics varying from geography to sports, films, history, and ccmore. With over 75 million unique combinations of questions at present, and more questions added at ~ 5% per month, you can attempt tens of millions of questions.

Every question is verified and validated by subject matter experts. And the best part is that once you answer a question correctly, it will never repeat.

Quiz Pursuit

Play Anytime, Anywhere

You can play this intellectual trivia game anytime, anywhere. Multiple play options allow you to play at your own pace or challenge and compete with others. You can challenge random strangers or go head to head with your Facebook or Google+ friends to earn nuggets and level up.

At present, the app offers three play options: Free Play, Levels, and Challenge. However, the creators plan to introduce more play options in the future and also optimize the app for 25-27 languages.

Quiz Pursuit

Earn Exciting Rewards

You get to enjoy exciting rewards at every stage, which keeps a majority of users engaged and motivated to keep playing. The app allows you to earn nuggets as you level up or win challenges and also offers a daily sign-in bonus. You can also earn bonus points when you answer quickly.
Quiz Pursuit

Enjoy the User-Friendly Interface

One thing that I personally like about the QuizPursuit trivia app is its interface. It has a clean, elegant, and user-friendly design that make it easy for players to find their way around. All design elements have been synced together in the shades of orange, black, and white.


QuizPursuit is a beautifully-designed quiz/trivia app based on the concept of edutainment (education + entertainment). This stimulating gaming app offers unlimited options to support an individual’s advanced quest for mental and intellectual advancement.

The app has a great design and a wide variety of topics and questions to get you keep coming back to play. You can challenge strangers and friends and win to brag about your knowledge. With so much to offer, this fun-style trivia game can keep you entertained for hours.

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