11 Months of Todoist Premium for Free – This Works for All Users

If you are an avid reader of my Blog, you can see a lot of my blog posts mentioned Todoist. I’m a huge fan of Todoist, Grand Master level user with more than 25K Karma points.

Todoist is free to use but comes with limited features. If you are a Todoist free user, you are not allowed to use Task Labels and Reminders, Location-based notifications, Add tasks via email, Task comments & file uploads, Automatic backups, and more.

If you are using Todoist free version or to get some more additional months of Todoist premium for free, you are at the right place.

11 Months of Todoist Premium

You will get 11 Months of Todoist Premium for Free. It’s not just for a single person or limited users, it is free for everyone.

If you are already using Todoist, you will get 9 Months of Todoist Premium.

1. New Todoist User – Sign Up with my Link and Get 2 Months of Todoist Premium

2. Go to Todoist Redeem 

Paste the code – TDSANEBOX2019

3. Go to Todoist Redeem 

Paste the code – SMALLSTEPS

4. Go to Todoist Redeem 

Paste the Code – PRODCON

Once you have successfully redeemed the code, your account will be upgraded to the premium version of Todoist for 11 months.

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