An Overview of Online Testing Software

In an educational online course, there are many areas to fall in love with learning. Often assessment seems to be one of them. Concerns remain about the accuracy and quality of an online assessment. But still, online testing software offers immense benefits to administrators, scale and grading where a closer look is warranted. Let us now explore the reasons why a push towards online testing software is a need of the hour.

Administrations at multiple levels

During the course of an e-learning program, users can opt for reliable and short assessments. Data obtained from them can be correlated with regional or national standards which mean learners can be evaluated based on those standards. Data gathered over a period of time can be used for program improvement and evaluate trends. You can also export the data from an LMS on to data for further research in terms of educational experiences.

Individualized and dynamic assessments

A test can be tailored and administered for the needs of individual students. Based on learners experience level of difficulty can be modulated. Assessments can be individualized that allows students to share questions or ideas

Immediate grading

Select the response module, multiple choice questions in the form of true or false can be graded instantly. It allows learners to figure out how they performed on an assessment with instructors able to incorporate instructional real-time changes on critical evidence. Instructors can focus on feedback important for learning which may be time-consuming though assessment does depend upon the design.

Inputs with the open-ended type of assessments

Instructors are aware that open-ended assessments are pretty difficult to grade.  For example, Google adds on sheets automates scoring and informs them to students. Instructors are able to spend more time in providing feedback to students.


With various voice feedback modules of providing feedback becomes easier for a teacher and customized for a learner. For example, video-based feedback provides personalized and individualized feedback on behaviour. It is easy to create video feedback and reviewed by a learner though it can provide qualitative and rich feedback information in relation to student performance in a personalized and caring manner.

Horizontal and vertical value-based assessments

You can align the tests in order to test core knowledge and various levels of difficulty. You can also horizontal align them so that students can be compared against each other. This is important for sorting and teaching students in terms of scholarships, teaching posts and so on. With a computer-based testing method, raw test scores can be provided to students. Learners can achieve a higher percentile score or relative score and figure out their relative position in comparison to other learners.

Growth measures on a value-added basis

A test measures the ability of an individual over a period of time. The programs are benchmarks where a student needs to be at the end of a year from the starting phase. You can analyze all of them with the use of statistical software. This means over a period of time online software can track a user.

Thinking of students uncovered

Branching scenarios or games could uncover student thinking and figure out more about higher thinking skills. In allowing users to think loud and be part of digital games (content focused) methods to explain game based decisions and logic behind them. The online program experts can figure out future learning experiences and target core competencies of the user.


Video notification modules or quiz based videos could make assessments more engaging rather than standard type tests. Branching scenarios make student interaction interactive or interactive which helps the learners from their mistakes. Virtual reality would immerse a student in an environment incorporating both and real assesses guiding the student through their decision making process and consequences.

More degree of test items

Important for high-end assessments which figures out whether a learner is able to move over to the next level or receives certification. To be part of critical assessments test items are called for and not low-end assessments. Computer-based assessments are the key because they draw in back to end database items comprising more text items and not like a typical pencil and paper exam.

Coping up for learners with disabilities

If universal designing of computer-based assessments has taken place, they prove to be less of the physical hindrance for test taking rather than voice-based modules. The screen readers or voice-based modulations could help learners with motor and visual impairments. For learners with dyslexia, learners are going to need more time to complete a test.

Considering other forms of technology

Online assessments provide a wealth of opportunities for both web and non-web based platforms. For example, learners can develop digital representations or collections of work in an online-oriented course. They can create videos, upload images. The social media conversations or online discussions could be part of the assessment data.

Improves writing

Writing via word or a digital tool where learners formulate a thesis and support their logic with supporting and evidence-based ideas. It has been seen that it would be better to write a conclusion by hand if learners go through the complete process of writing. With video along with audio conferencing tools, learners are in a better position to present information to one another. At the same time, an instructor does not enter into an argument about any content related issue.

Technology is not a one day wonder

You can term computer modelled assessments to be a one day wonder. With an assessment tool, student behaviour is analyzed. Pretty much just like any other tools, the desired outcome is expected. If you do not use it a proper manner outcome is expected to be poor. All assessment tools are not equal to evoke an intended response. Once assignments are designed technology does go on to offer numerous benefits but a top quality assessment is going to revolve around proper design and use which measures what they are really intended to measure.

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