How to Delete a Vine Account Easily

Vine is a popular download-only short-form video hosting service where users could share six-second-long looping video clips. Vine is owned by popular social network Twitter. If you decided that you won’t be active on the service going forward, it’s better to deactivate your Vine profile. If you are looking to delete your Vine account, you are […]

Wondershare PDFelement Review – The Best PDF Editor for Windows and Mac

Today on, we are reviewing another tool from my one of my favorite software company Wondershare. Today is about PDFelement, a super simple and powerful PDF editor for Windows and Mac. One of the great features I love on PDFelement is you can encrypt pdf with this tool. If you are an avid reader of […]

How to Watch Netflix Offline

Today is a glorious day for Netflix fans. Netflix has finally added offline viewing to its service. From today, you can watch Netflix on the go. Today Netflix announced that Many of your favorite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way, so there is plenty of content available for […]

Simple Way to Save Images from Word – Extract Doc Images

As a Blogger, I got a lot of guest posts from various writers to publish on my blog. If you want to publish a guest post on my blog, please check our guest posting guidelines here. Most of the times, I got guest posts in word document online doc and docx formats. This post may contain images […]

How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Today I got a mail from one of my readers. He wants to know is possible to find deleted Facebook messages. How need to retrieve his deleted Facebook messages. Is that possible? Let’s check this. Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages I don’t think it’s possible to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. If you deleted them, then they are gone […]

5 Smart Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

With 320 million users, Twitter is supposed to be the 9th biggest social media platform after Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (Statista, 2016). Likewise other social media sites, Twitter is the best platform for those users who want to follow their favorite celebrities, brands and keep eyes on trending issues. Today, Twitter is considered as the […]

How to Delete Tresorit Account

Tresorit is one of the popular cloud storage service providers that lets you Work with your team without worrying about hacker attacks, misplaced emails, or lost devices. Currently, Tresorit doesn’t provide a free account but lets you try their “SMALL BUSINESS” plan for 14 days for free. Tresorit Small Business plan gives 1,000GB encrypted cloud storage space […]

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Writing

Writing is an interesting job to do, but pounding out words on the keyboard day after day while surrounded by many distractions can often lead to procrastination. If you are one of those writers who own a WordPress site, why don’t you aid your writing process by using the best plugins available for writers? Having […]

How You can Benefit yourself by using a VPN

Have you ever considered to use a VPN? If no then this blog might change the way you think. Using a VPN can benefit you in many ways and the best part is; VPN providers are frequently assessed by consumers at CoupenBend are always up for a discount. Therefore, even when it is user’s first investment […]

Solved – This Webpage has a Redirect Loop

While browsing the internet, you might encounter a problem from the browser says “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop”. On technology forums, users report that “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop” is a really strange issue for them and they are really frustrated about that. How to solve this issue? Let’s check this. This Webpage […]