Your customers are just a ‘Click’ away from you. To make your product reach your customers and build a brand for your product, you have to make your presence felt and heard on the internet. The task is daunting, but not impossible to achieve. You need to know your product and the method to make your product’s presence felt and heard.

Do not get scared by the ‘Himalayan’ errand at hand. Each small step is a step ahead. Follow a couple of thumb-rules and guidelines and start building a brand-consciousness around your product/ business. It does not matter if your business is small or big; social media presence is equally important for all types of products or brands. Your aim is to drive your customers towards your website/ blog or online posting. To do so here are a few tips you can follow.

Step 1:

Create Awareness: Use the available social media to create awareness of your product/ brand. Post useful online blogs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and videos on YouTube, so that your consumer or target audience can directly interact with your brand and become aware of its presence.

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Step 2:

Talking Points: Share useful tips with your audience about your product and keep regularly updating your comments or videos, so that there is at least some constant activity and movement around your brand. Give your consumers talking points about your product. Over a period of time you will also get to know, which of the social media is most effective for making your product’s presence felt online. Keep updating more often using that social media. Get information about-through which social media your product is getting the maximum number of clicks. Use that social media to your advantage.

Step 3:

Inserting the right “Keywords”: Insertion of the right keywords for your product is absolutely essential, for your product name to appear over and over again in any kind of search engine optimization. So you need to insert the right “keywords” in your blogs. You can use them in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Step 4:

Include important informative-points to reach your customers: For example if your product can be bought offline through sky networks, then include the sky telephone number in your blog or online content, so that your customers find it easy to buy/order your product.

Step 5:


Be it on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, always reach out to your audience. If they have queries, give an honest answer. If you get negative comments, clarify your point of view backing your product. Do not always have a sales pitch or try to promote your product. Indulge in healthy conversation technique and once you engage your audience, you will definitely be able to draw them to your product.

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Brand-building is a long-term process and will not happen overnight. So start by taking the first step and you will succeed with persistence and continued presence spanning through the different social media available in our internet highway! Do not let your web-site get stagnant, to build a brand for your product, it should be a hub of activity to engage and entice your target audience. You have one of the most powerful tools “social media”, use it to its fullest-capacity intelligently and imaginatively. Good Luck to you!

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