The Foursquare check-in is no more. You can’t check in Foursquare in the next weeks. According to the reports ‘Foursquare users will have to use its secondary app, Swarm, to check-in to locations starting Thursday. That change comes after Foursquare announced an unbundling into two separate apps back in May. Foursquare, where users run local searches, and Swarm, where check-ins are re-hosted.”

You can check-in on Swarm, the new app recently launched by Foursquare.

Here are the major changes that listed in Foursquare Blog.

First, starting tomorrow, we’re moving all check-ins to our new app, Swarm. All your past check-ins, all your friends, all your photos, they’re all automatically in Swarm.

If you use both Swarm and Foursquare, they work seamlessly together. On the left, a venue page for a person who only uses Foursquare. On the right, there is a check-in button if you have Swarm installed.

What you think about Foursquare’s new move? How you feel about the Swarm app? Let us know through comments.