With 320 million users, Twitter is supposed to be the 9th biggest social media platform after Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram (Statista, 2016). Likewise other social media sites, Twitter is the best platform for those users who want to follow their favorite celebrities, brands and keep eyes on trending issues.
Increase Twitter Engagement
Today, Twitter is considered as the heart of digital marketing campaign. Startup owners, marketers and bloggers usually prefer to do e-marketing on Twitter because 80% of the Twitter users daily active on mobile devices while 500 million tweets are sent on a daily basis.

If you are going to start a small scale business, or already running it, then Twitter will help you a lot in your startup digital marketing campaign. You will not only enjoy increasing business leads but also sales. But it is often seen that pages usually get hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter profiles but when they share tweets, unfortunately, their users didn’t any engagement. The main reason is that they do not decorate their tweets as they should be and this is the reason that decreases users’ engagement.

In this short guide, I am going to show you that how you can easily increase your Twitter engagement and maximize your startup leads & sales.

5 Actionable Thumb Rules to Increase Twitter Engagement

1. Don’t Share Direct Links

Research shows that tweets without links get more engagement as compared to those that have embed links. Audience interacts more with those tweets that have no external links.

We know that people don’t have enough time to read long posts or sometimes they don’t want to click links in order to read your long business stories or sales pitches. They want to get the entire idea through short texts.

So, if you are still sharing tweets traditionally then leave this habit. Post your tweets without links in order to increase Twitter engagement.

2. Tag the Right Username in Tweets

It is often seen that when people do guest posts on other websites they include their author biographies. They do so because they want to get credit as an author. Same thumb rule applies on twitter.

If you are running a blog and someone published guest post on your website then you should mention his/her name in your tweet while sharing on Twitter. Mentioning other Twitter users will not only increases engagement but also increases your Twitter followership.

Similarly, if you published a blog post in which you have mentioned any influential personality then don’t forget to mention his/her name while tweeting. Your will huge engagement, new followers and hits to your site.

To mention any person on Twitter, use @ sign and type his/her name. For example @anzilone

3. Share Your Tweets with Proper Format

While sharing on Twitter, try to format your tweets. Firstly, you will need to add some text. Afterward mention the username of author/celebrity/influential personality or brand. Later, you will need to add your link that you want your Twitter users to click.

Lastly, use proper Hash-Tags. To find the most attractive and trending hashtags use Hastagify tool. Through this tool, you can easily find the relevant tag through which you can target the specific audience. For example #SmallBusiness or #SocialMedia.

4. Don’t Forget To Include Picture

Almost all digital marketers often suggest that adding pictures, GIFs or video clips in tweets can easily grab the attention of Twitter users. So, don’t forget to include a relevant picture to increase Twitter engagement.

5. Schedule Your Tweet

Timing is very important when you are going to share your tweets online. For example, if you are running your business website in India and only want to target Indian audience, then firstly you will have to analyze how many Indian followers are currently following your Twitter page.

To check this, you will need to go in Twitter audience analytics. In this section, you can easily check your followers’ demographics. For example, what are the ages and interests of your followers? In this tab, you can also check how many followers belong to XYZ countries.

Once you will go through this section, you will get an idea about your followers overall demographics. Now let’s say, your most of the followers belong to India. So, you should schedule your Tweet timing according to Indian standard Time when most of the Indian followers come online.

How to Check Tweet Engagement?

To check how many impressions your tweets got or how many followers engaged with your Tweets. Here are 3 steps to check tweets engagement:

  • Click on your Twitter profile button and scroll down your mouse to Analytics
  • After clicking on analytics, you will see four options on top left-hand side of your screen such as home, tweet, audience and more

Click on the tweet, a new page will open in which you can easily check your overall tweet activity in your last 28 days.

I hope these simple tips can help you to grow your engagement and followership on Twitter. Apart from these techniques, there are numbers of other Twitter marketing techniques you can apply in your marketing campaign to increase Twitter engagement and ultimately sales. Best of luck!

Author Bio – Adil Zaman is a business major and founder of Fincyte. He loves to write on small business news and tech trends. Catch him on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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