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Export Todoist to Microsoft To-Do

Export Todoist to Microsoft To-Do - Todoist is one of the world's most popular to do list and task manager that helps users to get more done in less time. When the matter comes to Todoist, you should subscribe to the premium version even if you want to the basic features like push notification and reminders. Without ...

How to Export Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do

Export Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do - Wunderlist is one of my favorite productivity app that helps me to plan and organize my daily tasks. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist back in 2015 and now plan to shut down the service and to introduce its new application “To-Do,” Microsoft recently announced on their blog post says that 'To-Do comes from the team ...

10 Fundamental Differences Between Linux and Windows

Windows and Linux are two completely different operating systems where both offers a completely different user experience. Where Windows contributes the largest market share and user-friendly platform, Linux has elevated itself from just “that open source operating system”. You can find numerous differences between both when it comes to user experience. Let’s discuss 10 fundamental ...

5 Best Password Manager for Mac

Best Password Manager for Mac - Nowadays, Password Managers are really useful and they help us to log in to the sites safe and easy. The password manager is a simple application that helps us to store and organize passwords. The Passwords you saved are encrypted and protected with a master password. There are dozens of Password Managers ...

How to Submit URLs for Indexing Straight from Google Search

You can submit URLs for indexing Straight from Google Search. Google Webmasters Tool is already there to submit URL's  and now the job becomes really easy. This feature has been spotted by Naman Dwivedi and he stated on Twitter that we can submit an URL to google via SERP directly.  Submit URLs for indexing Straight from Google Search So how ...
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