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How to Save Web Pages to Google

Now you can save web pages to Google. It's a Pocket like method or you can call that as Bookmark. The search engine giant Google has introduced a new extension called Save to Google that allows you to save and read articles for later.How to use this extension? How to save Web pages to Google? It's ...

5 Best Online Learning Platforms 2017 (Updated)

The significance of the internet reaches a whole new level with online learning platforms. These platforms give you access to thousands of online courses for various subjects which you can take sitting at home. The ease of taking these courses from anywhere around the world is what attracts people the most. It is very flexible.Online ...

How to Set Expiration Dates for Access to Google Drive Files

Now you can set expiration dates for access to Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, and slide files. This feature gives an advanced control over the files you shared with others.Now a days, employees are not only with one another, but with third-party vendors, clients, customers, often on a temporary basis. To keep companies information safe in these situations, Google introduced the ...