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How to Delete a Slack Channel

Slack is becoming a great communication tool. It's a social messaging service for groups. Your friends, family or collaborators can create a team in Slack.You can create channels for conversations that are all open to the team members.Note that private channels and #general channel cannot be deleted. That means you can only delete the channels you created ...

Save Pocket Articles to Instapaper Automatically

Today we are publishing a simple tip related to the 2 popular read later services Pocket and Instapaper. This is for the people who are using both Pocket and Instapaper, also Instapaper's weekly digest for kindle.This is for the people who bounce between Pocket and Instapaper. Yes, save your Pocket articles to Instapaper automatically.This is not a hard task ...

How to Find People on Pinterest

Pinterest is a trendy site that allows users to upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform.A good social networking experience never completes without finding right persons. Pinterest is a great service that perfectly works as a social network lets us engage with friends. So how to find People ...

Download your Google Search History

Today we are discussing a topic related to Google search. This is not just a usual post about Google search engine, but its related to you search history on Google.How to download your Google search history?Before downloading your search history, please note that don’t download your past searches on public computers or shared computers.1. Go ...

How to Download an Entire Facebook Album

Today we are discussing a topic related to Facebook. How to download an entire Facebook album. It's really easy to do.Still a lot of users think that Facebook doesn't allow them to download the entire album in one click. They want to download each and every image from the album one by one.Still a lot ...