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This 6 second Instagram Video will Definitely make you Laugh

Instagram images are popular and their quick videos too. Instagram allows users to upload up to 15 seconds video in single time. Some times users makes that funny and interesting. It make us sometimes feels good and sometimes laugh. Here is a 6 second Instagram video will make you laugh. The video is uploaded by leenabanayosi today on ...

Instagram for Windows Phone Will arrive in the Coming Weeks

After a lot longer Windows phone getting official Instagram application. Its really long because now the Facebook owned photo sharing site has more than 150 million monthly active users. Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom announced during Nokia’s Lumia tablet and smartphone about the promising Instagram app for Windows users. Kevin Systrom says that “Our ultimate goal is ...

Instagram hits 150 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram the Facebook owned popular photo sharing app hits 150 Million monthly active users. In Last June Instagram had 130 Million active users, increased 20 Million in just 3 months. The fact is more than 60% of them residing outside United States. Instagram officially announced on their statement that 'Today we’re excited to announce that Instagram has ...

Nasa created their official Instagram account to share images of Earth and Beyond

Nasa created their official Instagram account to share images of earth and beyond. This is a a great reward for the worlds best photo sharing community Instagram. The account is created to show images of Earth, Moon and other spaces great snaps. Nasa's Press Secretary Lauren Worley officially announced through their press release that 'We're constantly looking to expand ...

Delete your web accounts with

Deletion of online accounts- Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Whatsapp- was quite difficult till now. Because unaware about how to delete such accounts, many kept it idle or later forgot it. But it maybe a problem for you in future, as there's slight increase in the hacking reports  for the last recent years. Someone may steal your ...