The 5 Must have iPhone Apps For Every Job Seeker

Below is the viral list of iphone apps for every job seeker should have , Go right now and Download it from iphone apps store.

1. Audio interview skilled (free)

This iPhone app is genius and it’s conjointly my favourite. Decide and select from an inventory of forty queries making a custom interview. Once creating your choices, a woman’s voice can raise you every question.  When ready, you’ll hit the record button and start respondent every question separately. Once happy along with your answers, you’ll be able to separately or batch sends your interview to prospective employers. I recommend emailing yourself the link initial, so causation it out along with your resumes as a pleasant supplement.

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Not solely will it give a pleasant phone screen interview observe tool, however this new ios features iPhone app conjointly offers your submission a voice and private bit.  It may be precisely what you wish to line yourself with the exception of your competition.  Somehow, this factor is free – go get it!

2. Mineworker ($.99)

Applying to multiple jobs right away is confusing, this can be wherever mineworker steps in. every company you’ve applied to becomes an opportunity, wherever you ll be able to manage and keep track of the duty title, contact data, salary, step of the hiring method you’re presently in, future appointments, and to try to list things for that position in applied company. The $.99 tag is totally worthwhile if you’re applying to over a number of positions.

3. LinkedIn (free)

LinkedIn is that the King Kong of skilled networking websites and a requirement for job seekers. Once meeting new individuals at networking events, interviews, or where, use the LinkedIn app to quickly add individuals to your list or job list, before you forgetting or concerning them. The “In Person” feature instantly connects and adds different iPhone users to your desired connected network via the blue tooth device..

4. BeamME (free)

BeamME sets you up with virtual business cards, which will be sent intent on any phone or pc. This apps Produce personal or business titled cards and transfer as applicable.  Add a private bit by together with your headshot or customise with brand & theme. I am really enamoured with the “History” feature, that permits you to ascertain job agency you met, once you met them, and most significantly wherever you met them.

5. Job Compass (free)

Job Compass may be a very keen job search app. merely kind in WHAT you’re looking for with Job title, keywords, or company profile, wherever you’re wanting (City, State, or postcode of the city) and the way so much (select from 5-100 mile radius) and Job Compass can place every of the matched jobs on a map for you to visualize.  Click on red flags to ascertain out every individual job, or hit the “List” feature to list out positions such as you square measure wont to seeing. You ll be able to apply directly from this app, email the posting to yourself or a fan, or simply map it for later!

Take a stack of resumes and head intent on the middle of city. Let the app use your current location and choose a five-mile radius. Once the results return up, go buck wild visiting each destination, handing off your resume to every flagged gap.

What i like concerning the list on top of is that it covers you in primarily each important space of the duty hunt.  With these apps you have got the power to start out your initial job search, manage your entire search method, observe interviewing, utilize associate degree innovative screening toll that sets you with the exception of others, and network a lot of effectively, all from your phone.

Notice that well-liked job search places like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Craigslist weren’t enclosed.  If you’re attending to use those websites for your job search, then it ought to be done on a pc, a bit like in langsyne. a much bigger screen and a lot of visibility is required, and for those reasons, I’ve conjointly cut resume building apps from the list.  Use your iPhone as a tool to assist you in your hunt, however these apps ought to not at all be your primary job search technique.


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