5 Steps to Remember while you Creating a LinkedIn profile

Which is your best professional online profile? Definitely not your Facebook profile. Its your LinkedIn profile. Normally if you are looking for a job in a reputed company you must need a professional profile. Now a days they do not ask your Facebook profile, it considers as a social networking profile for both personal and for business, entertainment or serious.

But the matter comes to LinkedIn no entertainment, not personal only your personality, your professional personality. According to the reports Human Resource and Multi-national Companies uses LinkedIn to report the job opportunities and find the right candidate. If you are serious job seeker you must some points to remember while you creating a LinkedIn profile. Here we go…

1. Profile completeness

The first thing you want to remember is your LinkedIn profile must be completed while you applying for a job. A detailed profile about who you are, your past or present position. You skills and expertise, your education, profile picture, your education qualification, experience, your summary, languages known.

2. Headline and Summary

You must add the skills you have if job recruiters is searching for that skill. Also remember to use keywords in your headline. LinkedIn’s headline is the first impression for the recruiters.

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Never skip your summary section. LinkedIn’s summary section says almost everything about you. LinkedIn allows you to add up to 2,000 characters to write a sumary. Try to wide summary to impress recruiters like your stories,  accomplishments break it up wth headings, sub headings.

3. Your own profile picture

This is not Facebook or other social networks. Remember that you are creating your LinkedIn profile for your career not just for fun. Don’t leave your profile with our uploading and image (your own image). Don’t upload celebrity images or others images. Dont use pet animals images, logos your baby images.

A professional image increase your profile valuation. Normally if you haven’t not an image or duplicate image other users worried to give you a connection request, its lead to missed quality connections.

4. Don’t Lie

Don’t lie on your LinkedIn profile. You cant work on reputed companies with out experience or talent. Some job seekers think that they didn’t get jobs with out experience and they start to lie that they have 5 years experience in computer programming filed, know all programming languages.

If you have really not experience you can’t hold your job if you are recruited. Definitely you will loss your job and personality and a name you are a ‘liar’.

5. Update your status regularly

Update your LinkedIn status at-least per 2 days. If you are a serious job hunter you must be active on your personal LinkedIn profile and in groups. Don’t just use the network for only job search, share your ideas, thoughts, opinions tips etc. This could help to grab the attention of your connections, companies and job recruiters.

This is just basic tips you wont avoid while you creating a good LinkedIn profile. For your personal development try to follow company profiles, news reporters, CEO’s, connect your profile with Twitter to share your tweets to LinkedIn. Don’t forgot to update your profile if you achieve a new qualification or progress in your experience.

Happy job hunting…….

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