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Deletion of online accounts- Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Whatsapp- was quite difficult till now. Because unaware about how to delete such accounts, many kept it idle or later forgot it. But it maybe a problem for you in future, as there’s slight increase in the hacking reports  for the last recent years. Someone may steal your private data or photos stored in such idle accounts. Now found a solution for this issue.


Developed by Robb Lewis and designed by Ed Poole, offers a remarkable service, by giving links to the account deletion pages of several sites like Google, hotmail, delicious, Twitter etc. went live on August 19, with 16 services in its directory. The list has since grown to morethan 150 services now. It  also categorizes each service into “easy,” “medium,” “hard,” and “impossible,” depending on the difficulty of deleting an account from that service.

Google, hotmail, facebook etc came into the “easy” category, as they require just username and password to delete the account. But for deleting Amazon account, you should send a request  to the company by mail. so included Amazon into “hard” list. Evernote allows its users to deactivate their accounts temporarily only. They cant opt for permenant deletion. So you can see it in “impossible” category. Company created a Google Chrome extension to make the account deletion process more easier.

“Five years ago, when things like Facebook and MySpace were still in their infancy, people didn’t see the harm in sharing their personal information,” said Poole in an email to Digital Trends. “Recently, with the drama surrounding the NSA and stories of large companies selling personal information, I think the public has realized we can’t just put anything online, as nobody really knows what information is ‘safe’ anymore.”
According to Poole, site’s popularity is increased day by day and it received more than 5,00,000 pageviews in its first week. In a post on his blog, Lewis says he came up with the idea for after hearing how difficult it is to delete a Skype or Netflix account.

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