How to use Twitter effectively to find Jobs?

Currently we lives in powerful Social Media and Networking world. The concept of Social Networking is really changed in last 5 years. In the beginning of Social Networking era lot of users thinks that the Social Networking concept and the platforms are just a tool to find friends, communicate and learn something.


The concept is changed. Social Media is now a major part of internet. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and professional networking sites LinkedIn holds the users in-front of computer. Back to some years if we ask a teenagers or other whats your favorite website may be the answer is Google or Yahoo. That’s a period of searching. In current period the answer should be Google, Facebook or Twitter etc.

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The concept of Social Media is changed. From just friends making to revolution thinks, from time pass to job hunting the Social Networking facts are changed. Everybody using Social Networking platforms to connect with people like Politicians, Celebrities, Companies, Job Recruiting agencies, Sports stars, Bloggers even ordinary peoples.

Why Twitter for job search?

We can find our dream jobs through Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn effectively. Can you imagine that the major companies using the 140 character micro-blogging platform Twitter to recruit job seekers. In 2012 company seeks employees through Twitter more than LinkedIn.

The fact is we want to find our right job through Twitter. How to do this? How to use Twitter effectively to find a job?

The Right Hashtags Concept

The great advantage of Twitter over other social networks or professional networks their well working Hashtags. The major point is if we use the hashtags on Twitter its easy to find our needs jobs or others. The recruiters, human-resources experts using Tweets like #itjobs or #jobs etc. This is keyword search or target search.

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Searching on Twitter are different. Word level search, location search, people search etc. If you search on Twitter with out hashtags you will get your results but with #hashtag search you will get the results based on your exact query. If you try to find your job on Twitter don’t forgot the hashtag.

Who to follow?

This is another matter to get your things on Twitter. Everybody have their own taste, profession and they follow persons related to their attitude. If we love music we follow Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Shakira etc. Interested in politics we will follow Larry King, CNN’s Twitter account, BBC, Bloomberg etc.

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 2/E

I am interested in Blogging so i follow Mashable, TechCrunch, Cnet and popular Bloggers Darren Rose from and Amit Agarwal from etc. Like that if you are a job seeker you must follow relevant companies, job recruiting companies and human resource profiles. Lot of companies have Twitter job-related handles. Find them.

The Twitter Network

Compare to other social Twitter has an advantage is no secrets everything is public. In Twitter there is no more strictly restrictions to build your network like Facebook or LinkedIn. Engage with people because its a global network. Create right tweets use hashtags to join with your niche professionals.


Building good Twitter profile helps you stand from other job seekers. Because if you are looking for IT related, Social Media related jobs definitely they look your Twitter profile not your Facebook profile, because the way of how you handle Twitter is the measurement and the right way show your personality.

So how?

Create an attractive Twitter profile, follow your interests, use hashtags effectively, dont just retweets what other tweets think once more, build your own community on Twitter, must reply to the tweets. Compare to Facebook or LinkedIn, using Twitter is more easy and no more restrictions to connect your favorite.

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