4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are a Must for Business

If you have ever browsed through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, you may have encountered hundreds of apps with different functions, where some of them pertain to their websites such as YouTube, PayPal, Gmail, Pinterest and more. These websites created their own mobile apps so their loyal patrons can access them anytime, anywhere. While some can only be accessible if there’s an Internet connection, others can work on its own, and you can just update or save changes when you finally get a connection. If you are a business with a solid online presence, it may be time to consider having your own mobile app. Here are just some of the many reasons why mobile apps are a must for any flourishing business.


1. Mobile apps are an integral part in any effective mobile marketing strategy. It has been found that email marketing can only count on at most a 9% open rate from the time it was sent, as less and less people are going online through laptops and desktop computers. A study concluded that mobile phone users have their phones 3 feet within reach almost the whole day, so this is the avenue to reach out to them more effectively. Also, people use their mobile phones even during downtime to entertain themselves or look up some information, and the download of mobile apps is just astounding everyday. If your loyal customers find that you have a mobile app that they can use to instantly order your products or get in touch with you, they will not think twice about downloading your mobile app.

2. Mobile apps can be integrated with your social networking accounts. Most mobile apps will ask for your email or Facebook account in their registration process, and people will usually choose the latter because they are too lazy to input their email and password. In this manner, your Friends List will be able to see you registered at a particular website, and they can get enticed just the same, especially if they are looking for that specific product or service. Nowadays, when people are impressed or disappointed with a particular brand, their network will most likely learn about it. Whether or not the feedback is favorable, it is still exposure for the said company and may work for or against them later on.

3. Mobile apps have PUSH notifications, which is actually a lot better than email because mobile phone users can easily receive them on their phones instantly. There’s no longer a need to open your inbox or open a tightly sealed envelope to hear about your brand and whatever is being offered. Users can instantly click on it if they are interested, so there’s a quicker response time for your marketing campaign. If your business has launched a special promotion, this is the quickest way to inform your loyal patrons and entice new ones.

4. Mobile apps has a flexible platform where you can integrate a loyalty program that can give incentives to your existing customers. If you have a popular website and would like your customers to download your mobile app, you can provide them incentives upon download or depending on the number of times your mobile app is used. Mobile phone users are still very much amazed that they can engage in e-commerce right on their mobile phones with applications that are specific to the brands that they follow. If you ride on this trend now and not wait for later, you can definitely reap a lot and keep abreast with the competition, which are doing exactly the same thing.

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