Facebook Hashtags: No viral Impacts for Brands

Facebook follows everytime the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Facebook launched Twitter model follow on their service, launched Twitter model hashtags, then introduced Twitter model embed on their service and just recently reports comes that Facebook plans to introduce Twitter model trending future on their service.

In Social Networking site Hashtags means Twitter and their efficiency. Hasthtags used on Twitter of Facebook to find similar interests or concepts on the web. Twitter is the king on using this and brands using this Hashtag coccept how their service or product impact on the network. Facebook do the same. Is Facebook’s Hashtags concept works or goes viral? The answer is no so far…..

A study comes from EdgeRank checker the dats shows that ‘ Hashtags on Facebook Do Nothing To Help Additional Exposure.” They posted on their report that “Significant time has passed since Facebook fully rolled out their hashtag implementation. We decided to dig into the data to see the impact of hashtags on the news feed. To our surprise, the answer was…nothing. Wow, we didn’t expect to find that!”


It seems the Facebook’s hashtags cant make an impact on the media. Its shows users, brands still doesdnt gives any importance to make their status with Hashtags. The funny fact is “ posts with hashtags have less Viral Reach than posts without hashtags!”

EdgeRank analyzed Facebook hashtags collecting more than 500 Pages datas in July. In this pages, there were more than 35,000 posts published but only 6000 posts published with Hashtags. EdgeRank averaged each Page’s performance with Hashtags and with out Hashtags.

“For Twitter, using a hashtag typically resulted in roughly double the likelihood of being ReTweeted,”. “Over 70 percent of the brands experienced an increase in RT’s when using a hashtag versus not using one.” “For some brands, they’ve created campaigns around particular hashtags and use them in all posts associated with the campaign. By nature, campaigns are promotional, therefore more likely to drive less engagement, less clicks, and ultimately less reach.” EdgeRank wrote.

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