Google introduces new ‘Hummingbird’ Search Algorithm

Search engine giant Google introduces a new search algorithm named ‘Hummingbird’. According to searchengineland’s reports “the system it uses to sort through all the information it has when you search and come back with answers.”

Whats is Hummingbird algorithm? 

Its the recent search algorithm update by Google. With this update Google gives more important to PR algorithm. Hummingbird looks at PageRank and how important links to a page are deemed to be. Google told the name Hummingbird come from being “precise and fast.” Google says it the new algorithm should return better results.

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Senior vice president of Google search Amit Singhal says told to the reporters that”Hummingbird” is the company’s effort to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the Internet,” “Remember what it was like to search in 1998? You’d sit down and boot up your bulky computer, dial up on your squawky modem, type in some keywords, and get 10 blue links to websites that had those words,” Singhal wrote in a blogpost (Reuter Reports).

Google Penguin and Panda updates changes to parts of the old algorithm. But its not end or dead. Think Hummingbird as a brand new search algorithm by Google. Google says Hummingbird algorithm started about a month ago but the company only announced today.

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