How to Pinpoint Lost Cell Phone?

Is there any requirement to trace the lost phone as I always keep my mobile with me and take good care?  Most of the lost mobile phones are never found again and it ended up losing hope on it both on the device as well the content stored in it. With the great progress in terms of technology there are several ways to retrieve your smart phone and prevent them from permanent loss.

Some Tips

One of the simple tricks to identify your lost phone is mentioned here. Making a call to your mobile that is lost is the first thing that every person does when he lost his/her mobile. If you are really lucky, your cell phone will be found ringing within your premises. Similarly, if the mobile is found by a personal with moral values, they will definitely somehow try to find the actual owner of it and give it back to them.

One of the studies by Symantec showed that every one of two individuals is returning the lost phones to their owners. The main factor behind this luck factor so it is not in our hands to shape the things as it would be. To identify the lost mobile do a small sort of investigation to locate your mobile if no one actually picked it. Search in all the places that you visited on that day. There is a chance that you many left the mobile at one of your colleague’s desk or in a store.

The other way is you can start teasing the person who actually took your mobile with monetary rewards. This can be done with a text message. Explain about yourselves that you are going to provide a reward if he exchange the device. It is also important not to make these messages desperate as they are some signs of opposite effect. Most of the persons who stolen your phone may search for the sensitive information such as passwords, bank card details, etc.

Smartphone Apps

Apart from these manual lucky efforts, there are several smartphones applications developed to make your final choice about the status if your mobile device. For iPhone users, Find My iPhone is the bet software available for download directly from store. With this you can locate the lost phone. Other additional features like deleting the data and giving an alert when needed. For Android users, many location-based mobile apps are available. Some of these applications required to send a text message to activate the GPS option on the lost phone. However, if the person already has it then the things may be more complicated.

Other Android applications are developed to identify the phones locations without doing anything. This would be the best option as the sent message in the previous option may take the device into wrong hands. Apart from this, there are such services available for Windows and Blackberry users as well that locate the device on a map. You can also use mobile tracking apps like mSpy to monitor your mobile phone or phone of your kids or spouse.

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