How to Recover from lost Search Engine traffic?

Are you looking for effective steps to recover your site’s traffic from being lost? Then, this post is for you! Some of the bloggers and website owners are continuously suffering from a 30 to 40% traffic loss since past few months. I have been noticing that many bloggers are complaining about the lost traffic and hunting for effective ways to recover their website.


It has become a habit of Google to bring changes day-by-day in its algorithm and redefining the search engine results on and often. But this time the amount of traffic lost is unpredictable since there was no update declared. So let’s forget about the past and see how to recover from the lost traffic.

Provide quality content:

I hope you got tired on being heard “Write quality content and the traffic will obviously follow you”. Here, quality content in the sense, I talk about writing a complete post that contains your targeted keywords. Your post must be optimized with certain keywords rather than just being a random post. Google takes quality and lengthy articles that contains good keyword density very seriously and ranks it fairly well!

Remove unwanted results from Google search:

It is very essential to see what are the pages or post from your domain are in part of Google’s search. Some of your pages may lose value and produce danger to your site leading to lower your traffic under Google penalty. It is a must to check on the pages of your site that are not often viewed.

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Don’t forget to check omitted search results in Google to find out whether any duplicate or low quality content is displayed from your domain. This must be solved with the deletion of pages that does not add value to the post.

Delete low quality content:

Sometimes you might have published posts that are not well written or targeted. You have to note that Google is targeting on low quality content to penalize. So go back to your old post to check for low quality posts in order to convert it into higher quality. It is possibly easy if your work on its SEO and its length.

You can’t exactly find the low quality post but you can use Google analytics tool to find out the number of visitors to your post through which you can analyze the usefulness and relevancy of your post.

Remove bad external links:

If you are the one who is purchasing paid links or paid reviews for your website, you must stop it. Linking to bas websites will significantly drop your search engine ranking. If you for any reason you must link to a bad site then use only nofollow attributes.

Too many external links might affect your ranking, but if you are linking to a site that provides useful tips and content then there will be no harm in your traffic or ranking. Take extra precaution while linking to other sites especially you must focus on to link it with relevant niche.

Promote yourself through Social Media:

Well! This is a great way to make your online presence to have a better visibility and increase traffic. Social media promotion allows you in offering social media services that really helps you out to boost your traffic. Social media sites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc provides a great impact and helps you site in fast indexing.

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You can also add these social media buttons on every web page that lets visitors to like and share your stuff which in turn will improve your visibility leading to your brand awareness.

Fix crawling errors in Google webmaster tool:

Open an account on Google webmaster tool and check out your crawl errors and try to fix them as soon as possible either by 301 redirects or through de-indexing them from the Google’s search results.

This will surely help in lesser bounce rates and 404 errors. It is very important to note that Google hates those sites that have broken links and which does not take action to fix it!

Make use of Google Disavow tool:

If you have generated bunch of backlinks in a short duration of time or through over optimized anchor texts, don’t panic! Make use of the Google Disavow tool and upload your .txt file with your bad backlinks that are linking your blog or site or etc. This will help you to stay on a safer side in case of the severe updates such as Google’s beloved pets namely Penguin or Panda.

Finally have a deep research:

If any of the above ways does not work, then it is a must to research everything from the beginning. There are many other tools available online to check about your site’s penalty or any other issue that let’s your traffic down. Google analytics will allow you to authenticate to find out the errors associated with your site.

Never ever go for black hat techniques! Google is always watching you!! Don’t ignore the mistakes and fix it as soon as possible so that you’ll get better name from the search engine which in turn make you to get back your lost traffic.

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