Livefyre acquired Storify the Social Media Curation tool

Livefyre the real time commenting  acquired social media curation platform company Storify. This is the first ever acquisition made by Livefyre that launched 4 years ago. The deal is undisclosed so far. The staffs from Storify will join with the team Livefyre. Storify launched in 2010 by Xavier Damman and Burt Herman.


— Livefyre (@Livefyre) September 9, 2013


Livefyre officially confirmed through their Twitter account and Blog.

“We have some exciting news. Livefyre’s StreamHub platform powers real-time conversation and social curation for over 400 of the world’s largest brands and publishers. Storify helps over 850,000 marketers and journalists at these same companies tell stories online using social content. So it seemed only natural for us to acquire Storify and integrate drag-and-drop editorial curation capabilities into our StreamHub platform.

Storify also confirmed about the acquisition on their website.

“We’re thrilled to announce we’re starting a new chapter in the Storify story. We’ve been acquired by Livefyre and are joining forces to create the world’s leading social curation company.”

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Both Storify and Livefyre are social media curation tools. Storify allows users to tell their stories through Twitter tweets photos, videos and other social media news from across the web. Storify is most used by brands, journalists, and media organizations.

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