The World’s 10 Most Popular Google+ Pages

This article offers an overview of the top ten Google+ pages from a search engine optimization point of view. An analysis of these pages gives an idea of what the components of a successful page should be. When it comes to marrying Google Plus and SEO, these pages provide good insights with updated information.

While there are a number of effective and popular Google+ pages out there in the online world, there are some that work better than the others. For the most part, the benchmark of judging the popularity comes from the number of followers that these pages have generated and how they are growing on a daily basis.

Bearing in mind, the vastness of the web world and the popularity of Google+, there is no denying that fact that there might be others that are more popular, but in saying so, when it comes to Google+ and SEO these people and pages definitely have it right.

1) Danny Sullivan: Followers: 1,773,110 have him in circles. The founding editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan is considered a modern day SEO guru. With a decade’s experience under his belt, his expertise is even sought after by the media and his posts on his page cover everything from all aspects of Digital Marketing, SEO as well as the most updated SEO news. A great go to resource for any company dealing with SEO services.

2) Search Engine Land: Followers: 446,387 have them in circles. Search Engine Land is one of the most popular and well-known websites about SEO. Expectedly, since Danny Sullivan (see above) and his team keep it updated with the all the news, the best possible tips, tactics and strategies about SEO are all at Search Engine Land. One of the leading publications for SEO in the industry, their page provides comprehensive information throughout.

3) Matt Cutts: Followers: 267,317 have him in circles. The head of the webspam team at Google, Matt Cutts, although does not post too much about SEO specifically, the fact that he is an authority when it comes to Google itself makes his page extremely popular. In this case, his credibility as being a part of the core Google team is surely at play.

4) Darren Rowse- Problogger: Followers: 143,932 have him in circles. As one of the first bloggers to have started making money via blogging, to co-founding Third Tribe Marketing, Darren Rowse is a voice to reckon with when it comes to online entrepreneurship. His updates and posts from his blog Problogger make the page are interactive and the reason for the popularity of the page.

5) MOZ: Followers: 36,751 have them in circles. MOZ, which was formerly known as SEO MOZ, is one of the most comprehensive online marketing pages. As hosts of an extremely interactive community of online marketers MOZ provides regular updates on optimization, social media and creating responsive content. 

6) SEO Book: Followers: 11087 have them in circles. With a simple tagline that says SEO + you = win, SEO book have garnered a big enough fan base on their page that adds to their credibility. A lot of their recent updates are infographics heavy and they post mostly and regularly about, what else, but search engine optimization.

7) Neil Patel: Followers: 9155 have him in circles. The co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, Neil Patel needs no introduction in the online as well as digital marketing world. His posts are a mix of personal and professional giving his page a lot of balance and depth.

8) Search Engine Watch: Followers: 7075 have them in circles. Calling them selves the next generation of online marketers, Search Engine Watch post everything from guides to content curation to lists and tips. The page is updated regularly and the content is informative and extremely industry relevant.

9) Search Engine Journal: Followers: 7133 have them in circles. Close on the heels of Search Engine Watch, these guys too post everything from online marketing trends, to SEO guides to even a bit of humor thrown in. The fact that they have caught the attention of over seven thousand people adds to their authority.

10) Copyblogger: Followers: 6483 have them in circles. Copyblogger mostly use the Google plus page to promote content from their website Managed and updated by Brian Clark, the posts are content heavy and provide guidelines on how to write effective content that can drive SEO.

All these pages are successful in their own right because they are following the basics of consistency, relevant and informative content. By using these pillars as a guide, any business or individual can work towards fulfilling the same goal for themselves.

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