10 Best Sports Apps for the Fanatic in You

If you live in one of the 24 states without a single professional sports team, you may find yourself rooting for your favorite team from afar. If you have a mobile device, you can keep your favorite sports, and your favorite players, with you all of the time. With a tap of your finger, you can keep your inner fanatic burning.

1. Fantasy Monster Pro

Stop using a different app for every fantasy team you run. Fantasy Monster Pro lets you keep track of each team you have across the board. For just under five bucks, you can manage your NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA teams through services like NFL.com, Yahoo and ESPN.

2. NFL Mobile

If you are on the nation’s largest network, otherwise known as Verizon, you have access to NFL Mobile for just $5 per month. Think of having the ability to watch every game on Thursday night, Monday night and Sunday night. Then think of being able to watch the NFL Network and the RedZone Channel. Go spend the $5.

3. TheScore

No one reads the newspaper anymore. With this app in your pocket, you have access to every sports score in the nation. You can get push alerts straight to your mobile device, updating you on the latest game’s scores. You’ll also be able to track individual players and share scores with friends.

4. ESPN ScoreCenter

If you love ESPN, you’ll love this app; it really is that simple. ESPN ScoreCenter is a one-stop-shop for the latest scores and, best of all, you can get live scoring alerts. The app gives you highlight clips and previews of upcoming games as well.

5. Team Stream

There’s little doubt that you can download several apps to follow your favorite teams, but why waste the time? Team Stream allows you to select your favorite teams and topics, and the app pushes news related to the teams you’ve selected right to your home screen. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

6. NBA Game Time

If basketball is your thing, you need this app. With it, you can watch out-of-market games, pop in your ear buds and listen to radio broadcasts, view and listen to highlights, and more. If you don’t have time to sit and watch the whole game, sign up for Excitement Notifications; you’ll be alerted when the game is coming down to the wire.

7. NHL GameCenter Live

At a hefty $49.99, no one will tell you that this app is cheap. What they will tell you, though, is that if you are a die-hard hockey fan, it’s a must have. Not only can you watch live games from your smartphone or tablet, but you can watch taped games that date all the way back to the 60’s.

8. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is one of the best free apps out there. Keep track of all of the major pro sports, almost every soccer league, and your favorite college teams. Tell the app what your favorite teams are, and you can be alerted to any news regarding those teams as well as live Twitter feeds.

9. Ultimate Fighting Championship

If you consider yourself a UFC enthusiast, spend a buck and start using this app. You’ll have instant access to fighters, videos and UFC news. This is one of the few apps dedicated to the UFC that is worth spending your money on.

10. SwingReader Golf: Swing Analysis and Coaching

Don’t sit and watch others play; get out there and play yourself. Analyze your swing in real time to improve your game. Organize your swing into four categories, and slow it down to see exactly where your arms and shoulders are positioned throughout your swing.

If you love sports, turn your mobile device into your new wing man. With these apps, you’ll never be more than a tap away from your favorite game. Whether you have money to blow or want something for nothing, you’ll find a sports app that you can get into.

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