First time ever Google Stock (GOOG) Tops $1,000 a Share

For the first time ever search engine company Google‘s (GOOG) stock value rises tops $1000 for a single share. According to ABC news reports “Google stock is soaring in early trading, up more than $110 a share, a gain of nearly 13 percent just today. It’s been a great 2013 for Google shareholders. The stock is up over 40 percent this year and over the last 5 years shares have surged almost 170 percent.” CNN Money reports that “The stock jumped 12% in early trading and topped $1,000 a share — well above the stock’s all-time high of $928 set in July. All-around strength in Google’s core search business drove the positive third-quarter results.”

The company earned $3 billion in the last three months compared with $2.2 billion in the same period last year. Google’s is lates internet company to reach $1000 mar on stock last month Priceline’s stock hit the $1,000-a-share mark.

Overall the company sales jumped to $14.9 billion last quarter, a 12% gain over last year. Google earned $10.74 per share. Now Google’s stock price just runs between $995 to $997. Social Networking company Facebook‘s stocks rate is near $54 and its +1.60 compares and increases 3.1%. Facebook now has doubled this year, up 103% since Jan.

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