How to use Pinterest effectively for your Job Search?

Pinterest the webs trending network, using for fun collecting images like for home improvement, preparation for wedding plans, decoration ideas or for branding the product. From just a pin board photo sharing network, now Pinterest used for the brand reputation, service promotion.
Pinterest job search
We can use social media in education and also for job hunt. Normally job seekers use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to search jobs. Lot of professional bloggers discussed about the way to use Twitter for job search and the ways to use LinkedIn for better career or Facebook for the job hunt. From just a photo sharing to professional network, if we use Pinterest effectively we can find or our job through the network.

Let we discuss about how to use the photo sharing site Pinterest for your job search? Here we go with some effective tips to use Pinterest for job search.

Create complete and strong Profile

The importance of a profile is much necessary for your job hunt. In LinkedIn the site allows you to display chronologically of your achievements, interests, work history and your skills. But in Pinterest you dont have lot much options like that. But allows some necessary future to show who you are and whats your profession.

Your Pinterest profile contains your name your bio and your social profiles from Twitter and Facebook. Write a professional bio about you with whats your profession, qualifications and abilities if you are searching for a job. Dont forget to connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles that seems you are a professional and looks you are really serious in your social media presence and well knowledge about that.

Verify your Website/Blog

Pinterest allows you to verify your Website or Blog. Its very easy to verify your website on Pinterest.

Go to your Pinterest profile settings, just scroll down and there is button to verify your website. Just click the button, there is page with more instructions to confirm your domain. Then do the steps.

1. Downlaod the HTML file.

2. Upload the file to your server

3. Verify your website

Once your domain is verified your followers are public users will see a verified confirmation mark on your profile and on your search result. It gives you a special mark and if you have a verified blog the recruiters have chance to visit your blog and they can easily understand about your interest and the talents. So verify your blog with on Pinterest.

Pin your Resume

Create a professional resume and pin it on your boards. Search for “resume” or “my resume” on Pinterest you can see tons of pins on this results. Create your resume with attractive layout and catchy graphics. Add more specific terms while you pin your resume on Pinterest to get in job search results.

Follow Career Experts

Like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest has a lot to offer for the professional users. Lot of companies use Pin boards to show their ideas and offers. Career experts and people  in employee sector upload useful articles and blog posts that helps you in job search. Follow pin boards like InsideJobs, CareerBliss, Careerealism, WorkingMother thats related to employment.

Resume Pinboard

Make sure that you are creating professional boards that worth and attractive for the visitors. Also ensure that you are pinning  well-done and visually striking high quality images. For job search create a special pin board and upload visually different types of resumes.

Link your Resume

Link your Pinterest resume on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and use the resume as email signature, forum signature, business and calling cards. Share the resume board on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook job finding groups.

Keep your Pinterest boards fresh and updated. Like and re-share other users pins. This helps you to notify to others. Catch the individual job recruiter pinners on other social networks and engage with them. Happy job hunting….

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