How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Pinterest is a relatively new social networking website, which has gradually begun to attract more and more serious traffic.

Pinterest as a Social Network

Over the last few years Pinterest has literally made a breakthrough as a social network. You will probably ask, why this interest? It is quite simple, actually. Social media websites have facilitated the sharing of information. In Facebook, for example, you are able to post photos, messages, videos, etc. And the same applies to Twitter, Foursquare, Google+. Everything you come across on the Internet and like is being constantly shared with your friends on the social networks, because after all, people enjoy the attention. What makes Pinterest so popular? The answer is – the simplicity of sharing; the opportunity of grouping and making your own visual presentations. You share a link, and it becomes a picture displayed on your board. Then anyone who pays attention to your board and who clicks on the picture, is directed to the source. Simple and easy. And this is exactly what most customers appreciate.

How Pinterest really works?

The website is looking like a large board where its users are able to pin some images on and share them on the network. These images lead to the website from which they were obtained, and thereby Pinterest became a powerful source of web traffic. All published images can be commented and re-shared by all users of the network.

Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool – How to use it?

Apart from being a social media where you can share something interest with friends and family, Pinterest also proved itself to be a powerful marketing channel that is used for increasing the traffic of its users’ personal blogs and websites.

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In order to have benefits from Pinterest, you should have some images to share. And here its comes its fundamental limitation, which is probably its most serious disadvantage when it comes to business – websites that offer services of products that can’t be displayed, can’t really take advantage of Pinterest. However, products and blogs that rely on their design can be of great benefit for your business, especially if your blog or website is about fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, interior design, travelling, etc.

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog?

Pinterest can be a powerful online marketing tool when it comes to driving some traffic to your blog. Here is how to use it in order to increase the popularity of your personal blog or even business website:

  • Sign up to Pinterest, if you haven’t done this yet.
  • You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to sign up to Pinterest. This will give you the opportunity to share the pictures you upload in Pinterest also in these social networks, and this will bring you some extra traffic. It will also show you how many of your friends also use Pinterest.
  • Remember that on Pinterest each user has a dashboard, which is used for pinning some photos on it. We recommend you to start with a few boards, and increase their number later, according to your interests and goals. So, how can you use Pinterest in order to drive some traffic from this new social network to your website?

Create a special board, and then add a photo on it, which refers to an article in your blog. Always copy the Permalink of the page with the publication that you want to use, and do not forget to check if there is an image uploaded in the article.

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Now you can add a description, and upload the pin on your board. A great idea is also to share your pin on Twitter and Facebook, which will bring you some extra traffic. If there are a couple of pictures on your article, click on the arrows under the pictures in order to choose which one of them to pin.

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