Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS

Everyday people create new blogs, and everyday people all over the web have to choose on which platform they will use to create their blog. Everyday a bloggers somewhere around the world decides to change the platform that he/she is working on. The available platforms vary, but the popular ones are WordPress (.org/.com), Jumla, Drupal, Blogger, and Squarespace. I have not tried them all, but I can say that I chose the easy route by starting with Why was that the easy route? WordPress is the best, and I won’t be switching any time soon. 1. Simple: I started blogging 6 months ago, and without taking any courses I was able to start my own blog. I don’t know how to code (for those of you wondering). WordPress is built so that no matter how much someone knows or does not know, he/she can start using the platform. The admin dashboard is clean and it is easy to get a hold of where everything is located.

2. 28,000 Plugins: To be correct there are more than 28,000. That’s a lot, and although there are a lot that have not been updated in a long time (don’t recommend using them) there are still thousands of good ones. Quite simply, there is a plugin for everything you might need.

P.S. A plugin is like an application just that it is not for your phone, rather for your website.

3. Themes: How do you want your site/blog to look? Well, with WordPress anything you can imagine exists. Do you have to pay for an attractive theme? No. There are amazing free themes, but sometimes their features are limited. For a few dollars you can acquire an attractive and feature-filled top-of-the-line theme that matches your content and attracts your readers’ attention.

4. Social media friendly: If you are not using social media to connect with your peers, then now is the time to start finding people to work with and learn from. With WordPress the number of Facebook and LinkedIn groups is growing by the week, and the number of members is growing by the day. In Pinterest you can find an endless number of images and boards that relate to WordPress. No matter the social network, WordPress is popular

5 . SEO: People have to be able to find your site. What do the majority of people use? If you guessed Google then you are right. What does Google have to do with WordPress? Matt Cutts of Google has publicly stated that WordPress sites specifically have the capability of being featured higher in search-results (in comparison to the less popular content management systems).

The reasons don’t stop there. In addition to the previous 5 reasons, WordPress is the best because of the multi-media options it offers, accountability, strong e-commerce, and of course customer-support that is really personal.

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