Amazon AppStream Now Available to All Developers

Amazon appstream is now available to all developers to build complex apps running from the cloud. The Amazon appstream was announced last year which would run high-resource apps including 3D games and interactive HD applications from the cloud.

Now its opened to all developers. The news was reported by VentureBeat says that “Amazon Web Services, the biggest public cloud out there, is now letting all developers tap its vast infrastructure to stream applications and games and render graphics, enabling more computationally intensive applications to run fast on end users’ devices.”

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In an announcement Amazon says “You can now use AppStream to build complex applications that run from simple devices, unconstrained by the compute power, storage, or graphical rendering capabilities of the device. The client code calls AppStream to obtain an Entitlement URL through an Entitlement Service (we supply a sample that you can use as-is, customize, or use as the basis for your own implementation). The client opens the Entitlement URL to initiate the streaming of video and audio content for playback. The client is also responsible for routing keyboard, mouse, and other device events to the application for processing.”

AppStream now supports streaming to Android, iOS, FireOS and Windows devices.


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