How to Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool?

How you are utilizing Google Webmaster Tools, that’s definitely going to impact your websites performance on Google’s search results. Google’s webmaster tools help you how your site is performing and you can make your site more Google-friendly.
With Google fetch tool you are pressing the magic button, you are fetching the post as Google bot.

What is Google Fetch tool?

According to Google “The Fetch as Googlebot feature in Webmaster Tools provides a way to submit new and updated URLs to Google for indexing. When you submit a URL in this way Googlebot will crawl the URL, usually within a day. We’ll then consider it for inclusion in our index.

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Its a manual submission by the site owner to Google for indexing. When we submitting our web page using the Fetch, it will showing up in the SERPs. Tool is really easy to use. If you are not familiar with fetch tool give it a try…….

1. Visit Google Web Masters tools

Go to Google webmasters tool first. If you haven’t verified your website with Google Webmasters Tools yet, do that first. After verifying your website select the domain name.

2. Go to Crawl > Fetch as Google

Next go to crawl and fetch as Google at the left side of the navigation.

3. Fetch your Website as Google

Enter your blog posts URL or webpage into the input field like this.

4. Submit to Index

After successful submission submit your webpage or URL to the Google index.

You can submit either the URL itself,limited to 500 URLs per week per Webmaster accounts and the URL and all pages linked from it is limited to 10 per month per Webmaster account.

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The major reason why you should use Google fetch tool is with the help of the tool you can put your new content in front of Google searchers much faster than normal indexing.

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