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I don’t know how many people on the internet most of the day are looking to make money, but it is a large percentage of those that are on the net. “Make money from home” seems like it is every person’s dream. Content makes money my friends, and to create content is easy. Why isn’t making money easy? To make money, you have got to have rock-star content, which is not easy to make.
So…the proper title is? Awesome Content Makes Money

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say

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Content makes money is easier said than done, but let’s take a look at what might be a few ways that could help any one of us folks that works online with a blog create a proper income.

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First of all, read a lot, and no, not Harry Potter. You should be reading posts from various bloggers in and out of your niche. See what was being written by said person six months ago, and what the difference is today. The point is that you need to be able to learn and take in as many insights as possible from those that are at a point that you want to reach. You want to look at bloggers outside of the niche as well in order to create some creativity in your mind. Be able to use metaphors and titles that relate to people reading your content, but that are from outside the niche. Do you get it? What is trying to be said is that through reading from in and out of the niche you’ll be able to create headlines and lines like, “Mike Tyson could Blog Angry and Sound Elegant”.

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Check out templates. Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words. That is exactly what you want to say with your template, “Hey, how you doing? Yea this is a pretty awesome site”. If you can convey that message to readers with your theme, then you are in the right step. Do you have to buy one? No, but if you stay on a free one it helps if you know how to code or know someone that can do a bit for you, so that you can spice it up.

Use creative Images. One of my favorite ways to get a nice image is by taking a screenshot of what I need. I also avoid copyright issues by doing so. In any case, if you are using images from other sites – please give them credit. Also, when doing that don’t just use the first image you see in a Google Search. You would be surprised and the great images you can find on the 2nd or 3rd pages that are just as great, but much less used. You don’t always want to use the same image that a big blog or many others use, because the reader think he/she does not need to read it.

Answer comments in an engaging way. You don’t want to just answer the readers comment in concurrence or to simply answer their question. A blogger looking to make money, know that he/she needs to be awesome and here is one of the easiest places to be so freeking cool. Ask more questions to your readers, and get them thinking. If you do this correctly, those answers alone will get you more people to subscribe as they will come back just to see your comments.

Finally, network. Let’s drive the point home quickly and without too much explanation. Share in quality and not quantity. Don’t favorite tweets, rather respond and/or add some text before the retweet. Go guest post two or three times on the same blog (don’t be one and gone), and allow the same thing on your blog.

To sum it up, all of those aspects help create better content. Content is what you put on paper or into any type of digital media. Believe it or not, your brand’s name is a type of content, so when you write guest posts remember that it should be your business card – the more people with it, the more that will visit your site. Once you have some rocking content you will be able to start advertising on your site and making money ASAP.

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