Google is Testing Completely Redesigned Gmail Interface

Google is testing completely redesigned Gmail interface. According to the reports Google  has invited a select group of users to test the new interface of webmail client.


According to the Geek.comGoogle’s fly-in menu system on the left removes the crazy tab system that was bolted into Gmail last year and places it in line with everything else, with a similarly collapsible Hangouts interface on the opposite side of the screen. This setup lets you open everything up if you’re a fan of using the whole display for your email, but it also supports shrinking the window down so you can glance at your Inbox whenever you need it.”

There is no confirmation when Google going to implement this feature, but its sure the search engine giant is really eager to shake up things in Gmail.

Recently Google invited users to new experimental promotional emails field trial, “Google calling the new look as grid view. If we switched to grid view from current list view, messages will show photo-filled  from the Promotions tab of your inbox.”

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