Amazon to Announce a New Phone with 3D Browsing

E-commerce giant Amazon to announce a new phone with 3D browsing on coming June 18. According to the reports the phone will be ideal for shopping with a large screen and multiple 3D cameras and sensors built in.

TechCrunch says it’s confirmed that the Amazon phone will sport Omron’s Okao Vision face sensing technology to track the user’s head movements. Amazon engineers, TechCrunch believes, modified the Omron technology to let the phone “deliver unique stereoscopic effects from a standard LCD screen.”

According to VentureBeat’s reports It’s likely the head tracking cameras will allow for a 3D presentation of Amazon’s online shopping environment, in which the product on the screen would be surrounded by information, graphics, reviews and navigation buttons — all in 3D, and all moving with the position of the user’s head and the position the phone is being held in. The user’s head movements might also be used to open up hidden panels of information, like reviews.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos invited techies for the launch event on June 18. Tuong Nguyen, a research analyst at Gartner “With their tablet product, [Amazon] undercut the competition and did very well,” “But I don’t know what they can possibly offer me … that would be compelling enough that would make me want to have an Amazon phone.”

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