Google Announced Android TV

Following a lot of rumors finally search engine giant Google announced Android TV. Android TV is an extension of Google’s Android platform for your living room.

Android TV comes with a smart home screen that recommends new content every time for you. reports “The interface is based on cards you can scroll through. Cards are organized into Movies, Shows, Games and Apps sections and look reminiscent of a small movie poster. And as for apps, Android TV will support a host of custom apps made for the platform, including Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora, and Google’s own apps, like YouTube, Hangouts, and Play Movies. These will be available in a store that opens this fall with the launch of Android TV.”

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Video content and gaming is a big part of Andorid TV. Users can play multiple player games on their TV against friends who are using Android tablets.

Google’s Android division head Sundar Pichai on stage during the Google I/O Developers Conference said Android now has 1 Billion users who take 93 million selfies, walk 1.5 trillion steps, and check their phones 100 billion times each day.

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