Know your Daily Limit on Sending Email in Gmail

Is there any daily limits to sending email from Gmail? Might be we never thought about that. We knows we can only allowed to attach 25 MB files while our total storage limited to 15 GB. Any limit on sending Emails?

Yes, Google limits the number of emails that you can send through your account in a day. The limitations? Here we pointing out.

1. You Gmail account is limited to send a maximum of 500 recipients per day.

2. If you exceed the daily quota Google will temporarily disable your Gmail account.

3. Gmail account will disable without any warnings.

4. You should wait up to 24 hours to access your Gmail account again.

5. If you send a large number of non-existent or broken addresses your account may get disabled.

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Gmail is not designed for sending bulk email for your business purposes. This restrictions are just temporary, follow those rules to avoid temporary lock down of your Gmail.

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