Your Blog is Not Getting Noticed? Here is The Fix!

Among the online professions, blogging has created sensations all over. Being a blogger, I can proudly say there is no such exciting profession as blogging. Its benefits are so long that we can’t express all of them in words. A successful blog can let us brand ourselves, build credibility and help to make money as well. There is no doubt every online person will show interest in it just after hearing its amenities.

These are the main advantages of successful blogs. Please note that I have mentioned only successful blogs. Because all the blogs are not gonna be succeeded and however not gonna get those benefits. Blogging requires effective strategies otherwise, all efforts would be wasted. You couldn’t believe, a single mistake is enough to spoil a whole blog. After few months of blogging, most of the newbies come to realize that their blogs are not getting noticed. Even I was also puzzled in that situation. I wondered what I should do to overcome that problem.

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And finally, I’ve come to realize what the problems were. I have real life experiences how that feels. For that I have decided to share those with you. I’m sure people like me would be benefited.

5 Things You Should Compare With Your Blog

#1 Is Your Blog Title Appealing Enough to Get Clicks?

A simple question to you. Which type of post do you read and how do you decide to read a post? Obviously by putting eyes through the titles. That is exactly what we’ll do. First, we look into the titles. If we find out something exclusive and appealing, we took a look inside the post.

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That’s why you need to make your title much appealing that the readers can’t resist themselves from reading. Do you know what is the best quality in professional bloggers? They spend more and more times to create catching titles. In fact, I did a test on it. I decided to write fascinating blog titles for the upcoming posts. And my traffic dramatically increased. So I think, that’s enough for a blog to get noticed.

#2 Is Your Content Worthy For Reader’s Time?

Time is the most valuable thing. No one will give you a minute without any profit. As you are offering your own contents to a wide range of audiences, it has to be worthy of their time. On the other side, if your content is written just for a name, then you might forget to get noticed in these days.

Actually the readers don’t pay attention to all the good contents. Even, they only pay attention to the exceptional ones. So if you are among those people who want to dedicate highly appreciated contents, then you could ensure yourself to have quite good engagements and conversations.

#3 Is Your Content Search Engine Optimized?

There is no doubt that search engine is the biggest source of organic traffic. No one but search engines can deliver you regular targeted traffics. So all we need to leverage the power of search engines. If you could get rankings in search engines, you shouldn’t waste time thinking about getting attention. The readers will do it by themselves.

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Still wondering how to do seo? You can easily learn seo with MOZ. Optimize your contents with the basic SEO factors and see the results. You will automatically realize how powerful SEO is about getting noticed.

#4 Is Your Blog Popular on Social Media Platforms?

The new generation marketing process is social media marketing. “Social Media and SEO” is now a match made in heaven. Now we can’t miss out such an opportunity to brand ourselves over the social platforms. In fact, the popular brands get thousands of traffics from only social media sites. So these sites can lead us much traffic for sure.

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Now let me share the main fact, why I really love social media. Suppose you have an excellent post with an awesome title. You have shared it on your profile. If any of your followers love that, he might share on his own profile. Then another from his followers will do the same. In this way, a single share can reach hundreds and thousands of people on social media platforms. That’s mean your blog will be represented in front of a large audience. So your wish to get noticed will be permanent.

#5 Do You Guest Post to Promote Your Blog?

Guest posting is the best promotion method I have ever seen. Guest posting effectiveness are beyond words. We can build relationship, authority, credibility, traffic, brand and so on through guest posting. Actually, we need a popular platform to promote our blogs. Through guest posting, we can present ourselves and our blogs to a relatively new audience. So getting attention to the blogs will be ensured.

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After Google web-spam head Matt Cutts prediction, everyone thinks guest bloggers and their sites will be penalized. I think, it’s totally wrong. Because Matt’s post was in different aspects. He didn’t try to say guest bloggers will be penalized. He tried to explain us that guest bloggers who are working for links to get ranking will be penalized. I also agree with him. Guest blogging is not a link building method. It’s the way to branding sites. So if you’re guest blogging for branding and exposures, then you shouldn’t worry about google updates.

Final Words

Blog, Blogger and Blogging have changed our virtual life. Blogging is nothing but the measurements of skills and strategies. If you are following the exact methods, you are gonna be succeed for sure. But if you lack in effective methods, don’t worry, just keep learning and practicing. You will come to realize which one is right and which one is wrong.

However, if you are stuck with getting your new blog noticed, you might apply the given methods. I think you will be able to see much improvement in your blog promotion campaign. I used the same methods to overcome this problem. So I am sure, if you could implement these correctly, you will get pretty good results. Wish you happy blogging.

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