Know your Limit on Sending Messages in Facebook

You might know your Daily limit on sending Email in Gmail. But on Facebook? Is there any limit for you sending messages in Facebook?

Sending Messages in Facebook
Facebook has some limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find that as annoying and abusive. So make sure that following in mind while you are planning to send a bulk messages.

  • Make sure to use your real name and picture to help the people you’re messaging recognize you
  • Facebook prides itself in protecting the people who use it from spam, and doesn’t allow messages promoting or advertising a product, service or opportunity
  • Unsolicited messages of any kind aren’t allowed

You know you are allowed to attach 25 MB files per email on Gmail? Whats the limit on Facebook?

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The maximum file size upload for Facebook is 25MB. This is the same as Google Gmail sending.

What happen if you exceed the limit for sending chat messages?

You will receive a message like this.

“You are temporarily blocked from sending chat messages. Block times may vary depending on the feature and scale of abuse. Blocks cannot be lifted.”

Be careful if you received this message because misuse of Facebook features may result your account being disabled permanently.


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