Affiliate Marketing Tips: How to get people to trust you

Affiliate marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a certain degree of interpersonal skills as well as salesmanship in order to get people to buy what you recommend. There are already tons of guides out there on affiliate marketing, so let’s not make this one just another guide. Today I will tell you some inside tips and how people perceive your efforts so that you know which direction would be right for you to head in. Marketers should focus on people and their own product in order to get the conversion rate going up. Trust is one of the most killer factors in order to get people to buy from you.

For those who don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, let’s explain it in brief.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote the services and products of some other organization via your own social profiles or on your own websites which have good standing of their own. The major plus point of affiliate marketing is that in order to earn you do not need to own the product and the initial investment to get started is minimal.

Today this very thing: “Trust” is going to be our topic of discussion here on So let’s discuss the top points on how to get people to trust you.

1. Be REAL

By saying be real we mean that you must be true to who you are in order to make others believe you. Project only the skills that you have, never boast or procrastinate and show off that you know something which you don’t. It puts off your future prospects when they realize that you can’t do something that you told you could.

2. Focus on the DETAILS

how to get people to trust you - details
1.)People don’t like half cooked stuff. No one does. When you have not paid that much effort and focus into your product it shows up. Like water seeping through cracks on a pipeline. To build trust you need to be sincere, or at least appear to be.
After all.

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“The Devil is in the DETAILS!”

3. Build one to one relationships and don’t target large audiences at once

From my own experiences I have found out that targeting large audience at once only yields scrapes to those who are starting out in affiliate marketing!

4. Show your human side

This is the extension of the first point about being real. To show off your human side means that you have to show to your future prospects that you too are a human being like them and not a mechanized sales generating machine.

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When you show your emotions to other, convey your aspirations, desires and fears through your communication channels then people tend to trust you more.

5. Sell only few products at a time

If you are someone who is just starting out then do not over promote a lot of products. Find a product that resonates with the content you share and then make specific landing pages geared for it. This is the way to stay focused and track your progress. Having your hand in too many baskets at once, especially when you are just starting out is a sure shot recipe to disaster.

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6. Share both pros and cons of your product

how to build trust - share pros and cons
Whatever it may be that you are promoting, nothing in this world is flawless. So make sure when you promote something to your readers/customers you include both the sides of the coin. Nothing builds more trust than an honest opinion, a genuine review and a real person sharing their side of the story.

Be passionate about your product
how to get people to trust you - be passionate
No marketing strategy is complete without passion.

“Passion is infectious!”
When you are passionate about your product then it shows. Your future consumers want someone who knows what they are selling, how sad it would be if you can’t explain what you are promoting to your buyers.
Another great thing to be kept in mind is that you should never promote something you don’t believe in.

So these were our ways of building trust and succeeding in affiliate marketing, did you find this post useful? If yes, then do comment and tweet to us to carry on this discussion forward on Twitter.

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