Google Inbox Alternatives Give You Its Best Features

Recently search engine giant Google released Inbox. Its not a new app or service its just your Gmail but it could be the future of Email management.

Google says about Inbox that Inbox highlights the key information from important messages, such as flight itineraries, event information, and photos and documents emailed to you by friends and family. Inbox will even display useful information from the web that wasn’t in the original email, such as the real-time status of your flights and package deliveries. Highlights and Bundles work together to give you just the information you need at a glance.

Unfortunately still Google Inbox is invite only that means still millions are eagerly waiting for the invitation. Google’s new release is not a new invention because already similar services are available.

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Here we are the best Google Inbox Alternatives give you its best features.


CloudMagic is an award winning platform. Winner of Webby Awards People’s voice and the best mobile email app by The Wall Street Journal.


CloudMagic integrates with services like, Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, Todoist, Trello, Asana, MailChimp etc. CloudMagic is an one inbox for all your email accounts for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, OWA, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, AOL etc.


BlueMail is another popular email client that gives you best performance in the section.

BlueMail suports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, Google Apps, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Yandex, ymail, iCloud,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho etc.


Dropbox’s pre-existing Mailbox app is shows a good alternative to Google’s Inbox.


Mailbox checks your email from the cloud and delivers it to your phone securely. Currently MailBox only supports Gmail and iCloud accounts. Other email platforms coming soon.

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