RedCappi Review: Email Marketing is Really Easy Now

Its true Email Marketing is the best effective method to grow your business. According to the McKinsey and Company report Email marketing is the effective way to maintain your customers. Its 40 times better and powerful than marketing through Facebook and Twitter.

Major advantage of Email Marketing is its really cost effective compare to any online marketing methods its the best way to contact with your clients and the business owners.

This month is reviewing With RedCappi, Email Marketing will be easy for you.

About RedCappi

RedCappi is founded in 2011 by Alec Beglarian. Its a Los Angeles-based email marketing company offering easy and pocket-friendly do-it-email marketing services, revolutionizing the way you do business.

Why RedCappi?

There are a lot of Email Marketing services available on the web. Then why you can opt RedCappi over others?

No Credit Card Required

The major reason you can try their service for free, no credit required. You can’t  find a good email marketing service providers without testing.

Easy to Use

It’s email marketing stripped down to the basic so simple, that even a baby can use it. You don’t need be an expert to handle email marketing campaigns through RedCappi.

The Features

Its really easy to start marketing campaign on RedCappi. Begin click “New Campaign” button and create your first email campaign promotion. You can start your campaign with RedCappi designed banners.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

RedCappi allows you to drag and drop images and content blocks where you want and design to your liking. There is an preview mode available that helps you to edit and customize in real time.

Mobile Device Compatible

You don’t need to worry about how your emails are looking on mobile devices. RedCappi makes it easy to create email promotions and newsletters that are mobile device compatible. That means the Email will be pretty cool on Tablet or Smartphones.

Signup Forms
Recently RedCappi revamped their sign up forms. In last update RedCappi removed the clutter and simplified the steps in which you can design the sign up forms as per your needs.

RedCappi Pricing

You can start with free plan. In free plan you can add up to 100 contacts. If you need to send more business emails you should go for RedCappi pro plans starts with $10 per month for up to 500 contacts. You just need to spend $14 to add 100 contacts and $19 for up to 2500 contacts and the list goes and ends with a big 100,000 contacts.


One of the best email marketing service with performance and user support. The first reason why we suggest RedCappi is everyone can try their service for free and its really simple to use. Signup and choose suitable plan and start to send your business email. Check how this email marketing tool help you to grow your business.

What you think about RedCappi? Let us know through comments….

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