How to speed up Google Chrome? Best 7 ways

When Google Chrome browser was first introduced to the public, it was an easy and quick program that struck all speed and low system requirements. Since then, a few years, while Chrome has quietly grown to the 38th version.
Gradually, it acquires all the new features, support for all the latest web technologies and become a real monster, the installation files that weigh more than 80 MB. Of course, for such universal need to pay, and Chrome was not as fast as in the beginning. However, our tutorial can be helpful to speed up your browser with just a few simple ways.

Best 7 ways to speed up Google Chrome

1. Follow the home page

Chrome can run very fast, no doubt about it. However, restoring the last session or open a heavy page when you start the browser can significantly slow start. Many applications during installation and strive to set your browser to your home page, so make sure that the settings in the settings of Chrome initial group selected Open the home page, as that must be installed page shortcuts.

2. Use the minimum extensions

Thousands and thousands of extensions for Chrome can greatly extend its functionality, make more comfortable and beautiful. But do not forget that each extension runs in a separate process, which consumes some, and sometimes quite significant memory and processor resources. So revise your list of extensions and leave only really need. By the way, here you need to remember about the ability of many extensions run in the background even after you close your browser. If you have a weak computer, this feature can be disabled.

3. Use the default theme

You can, of course, to paint your browser like a Christmas tree when the soul needs a holiday. However, for everyday work better to use the default theme. All extraneous graphics, animation and even more so, start inhibit and absorb system resources.

4. Turn on experimental features

The developers are constantly working on improving the browser, but not all of the new features have passed the final test. You can include some of these features to speed up the program. To do this, type in the address bar about: flags and you’ll get a page of the experimental features. You should pay attention to the points described.

5. Optimize settings

Google Chrome has a powerful system settings, some of them may slightly accelerate its performance. Open Options and click the Advanced tab. Here you can enable the option Predict network actions to improve page load and disable automatically send usage statistics to Google and crash reports. If you are an experienced user and are not afraid of phishing fakes, it is best to turn off the Enable phishing and malware that several pages load faster by eliminating the need to check the safety of each address.

6. Disconnect the plug-ins

Modern Web services can use in their work a variety of technologies such as Java, Flash, Silverlight. Support for these standards implemented in the browser as a plugin. Not the fact that they will be used by you constantly, and the system resources they use. Therefore, open the Options, then Advanced tab, click the Settings button on the content and find the link Disable individual modules. Experiment with its contents, leaving only what you really need.

7. Periodic cleaning of the cache.

The browser stores the graphics you downloaded pages in a cache on your hard disk so that when you return to the page it downloads quickly. However, over time this cache grows so that begins to slow down the program. Therefore, it will be useful again in a few days to clean the contents of the cache. You can do this in your program by pressing the Delete browsing data.

Final Words

The article contains step by step procedure so you need to be careful applying the guide. Hope you will do this in a proper way  and will get improved performance in your browser. If you love this post, then let us know in comment part, we will appreciate your reviews.

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