How to Remove Google Chrome App Launcher? (Updated)

What is Google Chrome App launcher? It’s a hub that allows you to launch your favorite apps right from the desktop. With App Launcher, you can easily access all of your Chrome apps.

Google Chrome App launcher is not a necessary one unless you’ve installed a lot of Chrome apps.

A lot of users are still searching how to remove Google Chrome App launcher? Here are the steps……….

1. Right click the App Launcher in the taskbar

2. Click unpin this program from taskbar

That’s it. Google Chrome app launcher remain hidden in the background unless you open it manually.

Completely remove Google Chrome App Launcher

1. Uninstall Google Chrome.

2. Remove all its registry keys and left over folders.

3. Restart your Computer.

4. Use Internet Explorer only then go to click the download.

That’s it. The app launcher will not install onto your desktop.

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