How to add Quora Profile to your Blog

We know’s how to integrate our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ profiles on our blogs. Like that you can add your Quora profile to your blog.

Quora is a social community where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. It may not have more users like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but it has their own role as a social question and answer platform.

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So how to add your Quora profile to your Blog? Here is the ways.

1. Add Quora Follow Button

This is the easiest way to add your Quora profile on your blog. The Quora Follow Button lets people follow you on Quora directly from your website or blog.

You just need to copy and paste the code on your blog. You can also create a follow button for a topic on Quora.

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2. Use WordPress Quora Badge

This is a WordPress plugin will help you to display your Quora Profile Badge in your blog’s sidebar. Show your profile picture, followers, following, @mentions and activity aswell on your sidebar.

This will only work for self hosted WordPress blogs.

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