Best Free Video Streaming Sites for Broadcasters

Video streaming is one of the most popular way to interact with peoples over the internet. If you want to watch news videos, live sports, TV shows, tutorials video streaming sites will help you.

You can run video streaming to your fans to give them advises, online tutorials, business classes etc. Today we are listing best free video streaming sites for broadcasters.

1. YouTube

YouTube is not just a website to watch videos but also you can stream video live. Schedule broadcasts and go live in HD on Google+, YouTube, and your website.

To start a stream on YouTube you just need to add the Title of the video and click on “Go Live Now” button at the top of the right side. You will now enter a Google+ Hangout On Air so you can stream live from your webcam. It will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

2. UStream

UStream is one of the popular live streaming website available. Over the last 7 years UStream has been powered more than 85 million live streams and more than 2 billion viewer-hours of content. UStream allows you to easily broadcast videos. The basic feature comes with Ad-Supported Broadcasting, Basic Analytics and Ustream Branded Experience but its enough for beginners.

3. YouNow

YouNow comes third on our list. YouNow is one of the most easiest website that allows to do live streaming. Tap ‘Go Live’ and you’re on. Just share the link with your friends or fans to join the streaming.

4. VaughnLive

Not popular like UStream or YouNow, VaughnLive is site worth to try live streaming. VaughnLive has been launched on 2-11, that allows users to do live streaming easily over the web.

5. BambUser

BambUsers allows you to live video broadcasting service from your webcam or from the smartphones. Bambuser also enables instant sharing to the world’s favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter etc.

6. Veetle

Veetle comes next in to our list. Veetle lets you broadcast videos in high quality from PC, Smartphones, and Tablets. You need to download Veetle broadcaster plugin to start streaming from your PC. Veetle is free and used by 150k users.

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