How to Change Ringtone for Whatsapp Incoming Calls

Worlds popular instant messaging service WhatsApp recently introduced voice calling. Now the calling functionality has finally been made available to any Android users with the latest version of the app.

You’ll have to receive the call from a user who has WhatsApp calling enabled.  Call and wait for a few seconds before disconnecting to activate WhatsApp voice calling.

After the successful activation you will start to receive calls from other WhatsApp users and you can call them too. You might be notice that the WhatsApp call ringtone will be the same as cellular ringtones.

How to change ringtone for WhatsApp incoming calls? Here is the steps.

1. Open WhatsApp settings

2. Go to Notifications

3. Ringtone

4. Select a Ringtone


Select a ringtone for incoming WhatsApp calls.

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