How to change Auto Selection time in Google Handwriting App

Today Google announced a new Android app named Google Handwriting Input. The app allows you to hand write text on your phone or tablet in 82 languages.

It supports printed and cursive writing, with or without a stylus. Google Handwriting Input also supports hundreds of emojis, so you can express yourself in any Android app.

I downloaded the app and used it, my first experience is really good, the input works fine, text recognition is good. The app will across your Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and up.

The one problem i feel about the app its auto section time of a word. It’s not a huge problem, but might for some users. So how to change auto selection time in Google Hand Writing App? Here is the way.

1. Open Google Handwriting App

Open Google Handwriting App on your Smartphone or Tablet.

2. Go to Settings
Go to the menu by pressing on the three dots on the top right corner of the app. Tap on settings.

3. Auto Selection

Change the auto selection time in Google Handwriting App. The default time is 400ms. You can change the auto selection time to up to 100ms.

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