Simple SEO Facts You Need to Understand as a Site Owner

Whether you are starting a new site or managing an existing one, SEO should always be part of your internet marketing tools. You can gain a large number of visitors just by doing SEO or search engine optimization correctly. There are a few simple facts about SEO that you should also understand as a site owner and we are going toreview some of them in this article.

No SEO = No Traffic from Search Engine

There is one primary reason why SEO is so important: over 70% of today’s internet traffic comes from search engines. No matter how well you promote your site through various other channels, you still need the site to be searchable in order toenjoy a nice stream of visitors from these search engines.

Not doing SEO properly – or even not having your site indexed by search engines – could mean missing out on traffic from search engines. This is simply unacceptable, especially with the World Wide Web being as competitive as it is today.

Crawlers Now Focus on Natural, Readable Articles

If you still think that stuffing your site’s contents with keywords can get you ahead in terms of SEO, then you are obviously not keeping up with the rest of the market. Search engine crawlers now prefer articles and contents that are natural, easy to read and offer value to users. The technology behind search engines has enabled them to determine a page’s Search engine ranking based on these factors.

Instead of trying to stuff keywords into your articles, focus on providing users with high quality articles they can actually benefit from. This will keep users coming back for more and at the same time improve the site’s overall SEO performance.

SEO Doesn’t Have to be Expensive, or Difficult

We tend to see SEO as something utterly complicated and expensive. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. SEO is actually very simple, especially now that crawlers and search engines are much smarter. By doing generic SEO – i.e. posting quality content regularly, keeping the contents relevant to the main theme of your site, etc. – and performing off-site SEO as part of your campaign, you can get your site indexed and appearing on the first page of search results in no time at all.

There are a lot of SEO and SEM companies that offer their services at affordable rates. An SEO campaign is very scalable, so you can run one for your site regardless of the budget you have in mind. You do need to be realistic with your goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great things on a limited budget.

SEO Takes Time

I still see many site owners who expect to see results overnight after improving their site’s SEO elements. Here’s a quick reminder: SEO doesn’t work that way. It is an ongoing effort that produces mid- to long-term results. Do it correctly, however, and the results are certainly worth the efforts, and the wait.

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