10 Quick Tips to Improve your Macbook Battery Life

Battery life is a much important factor while we are carrying a laptop. The battery life of a Macbook is continue to improve with each new model year.

Apple includes various battery saving settings in its OS X operating systems, but still you want to perform manually to improve your systems battery life. Here are 10 quick tips to improve your Macbook battery life.

1. Update to the latest software that will help you get the best possible battery life

2. Use energy saver system preferences.

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3. If you are not using WiFi, turn it off

4. Turn off Bluetooth if it’s not in use

5. Disable the backlit keyboard

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6. Show battery percentage, it will help you to monitor it

7. If you aren’t actively using a a flash drive, unplug it

8. Close programs you are no longer using

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9. Dim the display on your computer that could help you to save a ton of energy

10. Mute sound to stop extraneous alerts and noise

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