Best Big Fish Games of 2019 for your iPad (Updated)

Big Fish is the #1 place to find casual games! Safe & secure. Big Fish Games is a Seattle-based casual gaming company. The company serves as both a developer and distributor of casual games, primarily on computers and mobile devices.

If you are a Big Fish Game lover and looking for games for your iPad, this article is for you. Today we have to list best Big Fish Games for your iPad.

1. Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector’s Edition HD

The Mystery of Another World. Use your Hidden Object talents to explore the mysterious area and save Bobby before it’s too late in Surface: the Mystery of Another World, brought to you by the world’s #1 Publisher of Adventure games!

2. Azada: Elementa – A Hidden Object Adventure

Azada: Elementa – A Hidden Object Adventure comes with awesome graphics and stages. Journey to magical lands in this incredible Collector’s Edition. After its precious elements are stolen, Azada chooses you to find the elemental mages and set in motion events to save the world. You can earn critter coins you can use to dress him in a variety of fun outfits.

3. Dark Fairy Tale Adventure

Dark Fairy Tale Adventure is a paid Big Fish Game for your iPad. Relive 4 of your favorite fairy tales in these beautifully unique and intriguing games. Get them all with a one-time purchase for $14.99. The Bundles includes Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Collector’s Edition, Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera, Dark Parables: Curse of the Briar Rose Collector’s Edition, and Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow.

4. Fantastic Creations: House of Brass

Fantastic Creations: House of Brass is a free Big Fish Game that gives you fantastic adventure game experience. Escape an underground vault of clockwork wonders with the help of its mysterious and eccentric inventor in this incredible Collector’s Edition. Reactivate the house floor by floor until you reach the top as you puzzle your way through strange inventions.

5. Dark Parables Rise of the Snow Queen

From the ashes of the snow, the legendary Snow Queen rises and terrorizes nearby villages with her supernatural powers. It tells the story of an investigation led by you to rescue the missing children and stop the fabled Snow Queen.

6. Found – Hidden Object Adventure

To run this game you should requires a device iOS 6.0 or later. You will need to quickly learn to survive while surrounded by pirates, magic, mystery and more! Let the hidden objects expedition begin.

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