How to Use Flickr Uploadr? Back up your Entire Photo Collection from your Computer

Flickr is my favorite photo sharing app. Flickr lets users a massive 1000 GB of free storage for every Flickr account. Today Flickr introduced a much awaited thing, Flickr Uploadr.

Flickr announced on their official blog post says that Flickr Uploadr for Mac and Windows lets you effortlessly upload hundreds of thousands of images from wherever you’re storing them on your computer, including your hard drive, iPhoto, and any external drives. That means you can add about half a million or more photos.

How to use Flickr Uploadr?

1. Go to Flickr Tools

2. Install Flickr Uploadr on Windows or Mac

Your device should run on Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

3. Sign in with your Yahoo Account

4. Start to Upload Images

Flickr will start to upload the images from your computer. If you won’t need to upload all images, you can select folders to upload. Everything new you add to your selected folders will get uploaded automatically and in Flickr cloud, the uploaded images will be marked as private by default.

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