6 Best Secure Dropbox Alternatives 2015

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage service provider on the web. Dropbox is popular because it’s easy to use, powerful, and a great tool for team work.

Dropbox only provides a 2GB of free storage for all users, you need to invite others to join to get more bonus storage for free. This could think others to find Dropbox alternatives. Today we have to list 6 best secure Dropbox alternatives available on the web.

1. Box

Box is the best Dropbox alternative according to the experts. Box allows every employee to securely work across teams, with customers, and with partners.

A free Box personal comes with a lifetime free 10GB space. On Box your upload is limited to 250MB (free account). Box starter plan comes with $6 user/month, 100GB Storage and a limit of 2GB of file size.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive comes with a 15GB of free space. Google Drive comprises with Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.Google Drive is more user friendly compare to Box, you can easily upload files, convert them to Google’s file format to edit them online.

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Attachments sent and received in Gmail as well as your email messages use your storage and your Google+ Photos bigger than 2048×2048 pixels use your storage. Everything smaller than that is free.

3. OneDrive

Personally one of my favorite cloud storage service provider. OneDrive serves a lot of functions. You will get a 15GB free space, 2GB file size limit, $2/month for 100GB, $4/month for 200GB, $7/month for 1TB. You can earn extra space for referring others to OneDrive.

You can earn a 100GB of free storage for 2 years for being a Bing Rewards member. Batch loading large files isn’t instant, but it’s certainly not slow that makes OneDrive a great alternative to Dropbox.

4. pCloud

Create a pCloud account and instantly get 10 GB free online storage space, refer your friends to get an additional 20 GB free cloud storage space. On pCloud you can store your memorable photos and videos, your favorite music or important work documents, etc.

You can download pCloud on your PC, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, also available for Android and iOS. One of those unique features we talked about when introducing pCloud was exactly the absence of  limit in size and speed, when it comes to uploading and downloading files.

The cloud storage service offers a backup of your files from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and since recently – Dropbox included.

5. Copy

Copy.com provides a 15GB free cloud storage for all users. Copy.com provides great service for Windows, Mac, and Linux friendly, iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps. Copy.com pro account starts from $4.99/month for 250GB space.

6. Bitcasa

The Bitcasa’s platform uses client-side, AES-256 block-level encryption on top of AWS’s “11 9’s” infrastructure to ensure data is always kept safe and secure. Bitcasa’s personal account comes with a 5GB free space.

You can download Bitcasa Drive for Windows, Mac and Linux. Bitcasa premium plans start from $10/month for 1TB of space.

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