Solution: Google Chrome Not Working or Responding

Google Chrome is one of the worlds popular and user’s favorite browser. Google Chrome is really loved by users because Chrome’s speed and minimalist design really attract them.

Google Chrome is my personal favorite browser because it helps me to easily add extensions and help me to bookmark items.
A lot of users complaining that Google Chrome doesn’t work or responding properly. Here are the potential solutions you can try to resolve the issue.

1. Ensure that you have a good Internet connection.

2. Close the Frozen Tab or Window. To do go to Chrome menu button (☰) and select More tools then Task manager.

3. Disable or remove unwanted extensions. Click the Chrome menu (☰) and select tools then extension.

4. Clear your cookies.

5. Ensure that you Google Chrome is up to date. Click here to check.

6. Close Google Chrome and restart again.

7. Check your proxy settings.

If the above functions doesn’t solve your issue, please uninstall and reinstall the Chrome Browser. Since Google Chrome syncs your bookmarks and passwords, you won’t lose any of your data’s.

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